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The conquerors when they saw the beauty of its lands, were enchanted, and thus it was named for it breathtaking vistas.

Buenavista’s last great event happened in 1996, when the church of Our Lady of Los Remedios was destroyed by a great fire, losing a legacy of priceless historical-artistic value. Today, this building has been restored.

Buenavista is one of the few towns on the island that has its foundation act, granted by the Governor Lieutenant of Tenerife, the lawyer Cristóbal Lebrón, and the alderman Fernando de Llerena. It was a petition by the neighbours represented by Juan Méndez 'El Viejo' and Juan de Mesa. A public scripture from August of 1516, is the oldest document related to this town, that proves its existence as a town council.

On the 9th of September of 1948 it was granted the title of “Very Honourable Villa”.

It is an eminently agricultural municipality, with ancestral traditions, such as the way to measure the passing of time by the shadows of the cliffs, in which a clear pre-Hispanic influence can be observed.

Places of Historical Interest .

Popular Canary Architecture in El Palmar.

Temple of la Concepción. Masca. End of the XVIII century. (Canary style)

Lighthouse on the Point of Teno. 1895.

Hacienda San Juan de Taco. 1591- 1655. (domestic architecture)

Hacienda and temple of the fountain.

Church of the Virgin of la Consolación. El Palmar. Middle of the XVI century.

Archaeological fields of Masca and Teno.


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