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The isolation in which some sectors of the municipality have lived in have kept alive traditional ways of life. This is the case of Teno Alto or Masca, places where one can find, like in El Palmar, good samples of popular Canary architecture.

Buenavista is also about craftsmanship and traditions, jealously kept by people of exquisite manners, their main patrimony. Among the artisan crafts, the wicker and reed basket-making is outstanding and also the straw basket-making of El Palmar, the palm and rush basket-making of Masca, the wood works for farming tools, lances, scissors for harvesting figs, canes, etc., that are made in El Palmar and Teno Alto, Canary knives and bone canes that are crafted in El Palmar and a modern a famous pastry shop in the historical area of the municipality.

Among the local celebrations, those of the Livery Dance (Las Libreas) are outstanding and are carried out in honour of Our Lady of la Consolación. To the rhythm of the “tajaraste”, the Saturday before the third Sunday in September, eight dancers, six representing men and women and two are representing the devil and his mistress, dance in the town’s square. They end up seizing a hanging cloth that the devil is wearing, followed by the dances of the servants, with the livery of their masters, on the day of the festivity.

Calendar of Popular Festivities of Northern Buena Vista.
Last week in January Pilgrimage and Saint Antonio Abad’s Fair
Last week in January Saint Sebastian
Last week in June Saint John . Los Carrizales
July 16-17-18th Virgin of Carmen
Last weekend in July Saint Lucia . La Cuesta
August 24th Festivities of Saint Bartholomew. Crafts Fair.
Last Weekend in August and first week in September Virgin of Carmen. Las Portelas
Second weekend in September Saint Jerome . Teno Alto
Last fortnight in September Our Lady of la Consolación. El Palmar. Livery Dance.
First weekend in October Our Lady of la Concepción. Masca
Last three weeks of October Patronage Festivities of Our Lady of los Remedios

Cultural Interest Centres

Municipal Academy of Music
Phone: 922 127 123

"El Granero" Municipal Public Library.
Phone: 922 127 865

"José Pérez". Rural Museum of Masca

Municipal Theatre.
Phone: 922 129 030

Wealth of Cultural Interest

Nothern Buenavista. Urban area.

Masca settlement.

Asena Cavern.

Church of Our Lady of los Remedios. (Burnt down in 1996 and rebuilt)

Its parochial church, built in 1513 and later modified, conserves an artistic high altarpiece from the XVI-XVII centuries, as well as multicoloured coffers of Moresque style. Also there are valuable pieces of goldsmith’s art together with sacred cups of precious metals. Among the images, those of Saint Francisco, a work of Alonso Cano; and other works donated by the neighboring workshops of Garachico, where Martín de Andújar created his school, can be seen.

Pico Yeje. Masca.

For Complete cultural information concerning Tenerife and the Canaries visit www.tenerifeculture.com


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