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Flora & Fauna.

The coastal sector brings together in Teno Bajo, an excellent example of tabaibal-cardonal, which do not appear in the better conserved higher areas, secluded spots of green woodland.

Natural Protected Spaces

The protected spaces of the municipality cover 80 % of the municipal territory. One of the most attractive, with spectacular rural and marine landscapes is the Teno Rural Park, a natural monument of some 7.500 Ha., where the macizos and canyons are of unequalled beauty. In the Cliffs of the Giants (Acantilado de Los Gigantes), that rise several hundreds of meters over the sea level, opens up the Canyon of Masca (Barranco de Masca). On this hard to access strip, is the settlement of Masca, a classic example of Tenerife’s rural architecture declared an ethnographic area.

Teno Rural Park

Basically formed by the Teno mountain massif and the surrounding area. With a surface area of 8.063,6 hectares, divided in four municipalities, 69,4 %of the surface area belongs to Buenavista and is a privileged enclave among the alternative tourist options for the Island of Tenerife. It is one of the so-called paleoisles of Tenerife, because of its conditions of ancient massif landmass, between five and seven million years old, heavily molded by erosion with deep cuts in the form of spectacular canyons.

The Park is characterised by the presence of volcanic terrain of great beauty, that host a great wealth and diversity of vegetation and flora, with numerous endemism, some of which are exclusive to the Park, the woodlands of laurisilva on the Mount of Water (Monte del Agua) and the slopes of Baracán.

The great wealth of fauna of the Massif of Teno has been authenticated by the Europen Union’s declaration as an area of Special Protection for the birds, and with the scientific discovery of a new species, the mottled lizard.

In Teno there are also important archaeological remains that testify to the guanche presence in the area, and the high architectural value of ancient dwellings in several groups can be appreciated, many of them have been restored and dedicated to rural tourism.

With respect to birds of prey, Teno is Tenerife’s last area for species such as the fishing eagle and the Berber falcon.

Due to its geographical location, on the corner of the island, a clear difference in humidity can be appreciated, depending on the orientation of the trade winds, the lower area shows more signs dryness and sunshine.


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